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Acquapole Boxing at ProSwim!

 ProSwim trainers are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to run Acquapole Boxing Classes and training sessions. All ProSwim Instructors have attained appropriate Acquapole Instructor Certification. Call us today!

ProSwim has access to the wide range of programs catering to people of all ages and abilities.  Our trainers can also design specialised programs to meet your customised needs and training sessions requirements 

Acquapole Boxing equipment can be used by all ages and fitness levels. It's a fun and exciting workout in the pool and you'll experience a multitude of benefits after working with Acquapole Boxing.

Acquapole Boxing packs a punch!

The benefits you'll see with the Acquapole Boxing system are many and varied,  regardless of age or level of fitness. To start with, boxing movements and exercises will boost your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism will help you burn more calories throughout the day and shed fat quicker.

At ProSwim, our classes and Body changing Challenges aim to get your metabolism on super drive with Acquapole Boxing.  How's this though; Not only do you burn heaps of calories during an Acquapole Boxing session, you also keep burning calories for hours after your workout. This phenomenon is known as the afterburn effect. It’s all about training smarter and getting your body to burn as much as it can for as long as it can.

Other benefits include;  
Fat burning,
Improvement and increase in muscle tone,
Increased cardiovascular fitness,
Improved muscular endurance,
Improved core stability,
Improved strength and power,
...not to mention the stress relief!  Sounds pretty good yeah?

Acquapole Boxing - Fitness with Attitude!

ACQUAPOLE tones your arms and shoulders, your abdomen and your legs without burdening your joints.

ACQUAPOLE exercises and grips ensure your abs are utilised for the correct execution of the various positions. In all of the workouts and exercises, leg and arm muscles are involved!
ACQUAPOLE creates a killer core!

When you add the BOXING bag to the ACQUAPOLE you create a high intensity workout that will challenge you, regardless of your level of fitness. 

Acquapole Boxing Timetable

Wednesday 11.30am

Thursday 7.15pm

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Classes are available but bookings are essential. Get in touch now to secure your sessions.