Payment Options

Payment is due in advance on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Fees are due on the first week of each month/block.


4 & 5 week months same charge


4 & 5 week months same charge


10 and 20 visit passes available


A great way to transition your workout to the pool and experience all the benefits associated with Aqua Fitness
$130per 8 week block


The most fun you can have in Aqua Fitness
per 8 week block
per 8 week block

FAMILY SPECIAL 20% discount 

3 or more students in the one family will receive a 20% discount for each student when paying for 3 months.

ADVANCE PAYMENT 10% discount

Pay for 3 months of lessons in advance and receive 10% discount.


This option is 5% cheaper than paying in person. You can to choose to pay by Direct Debit on your savings or cheque account. A direct debit authority form will be required to start payments & a cancellation form needs to be filled out 7 days prior to the end of the month that you wish to finish.


You can pay by cash, credit card, eftpos or cheque on the first day of lessons at Plympton. 


If you cannot attend your lesson for any reason, please notify ProSwim prior to the lesson. As long as the current monthly fee has been paid, and you notified us of your absence you will be able to make-up any missed lessons. Make-up classes have no expiry date however they are subject to vacancies so check with the office to make a booking.


If you are going to miss 4-8 weeks of lessons, a holding fee of $5 per lesson will apply to guarantee your spot is there when you are ready to return. This fee will need to be paid in advance of the time away. You will not accumulate any make-ups for missed lesson when a Holding Fee has been paid.

Remember, if you cannot attend your lesson for any reason please notify ProSwim on 82768622

ProSwim Terms & Conditions

Payment of Fees

• All fees must be paid in the first week of the month (or block)
• If you are unable to make your lesson in that week, we recommend you pay by credit card over the phone to secure your position.

Missed Lesson & Make-Up Policy

• If you are unable to attend a lesson, so long as you notify ProSwim prior to the class, you will be issued with a make-up class. 
• There is no expiry date on make-up classes
• If you do not notify ProSwim, you will forfeit your lesson.
• Make-ups can be booked at anytime, subject to availability, and so long as your current fees have been paid.
• Make-ups may not be accrued and used towards future payment of fees.

Credit & Refund Policy

• Refunds or credits may be issued when:
1. A doctor has advised that the swimmer cannot continue with swimming for a period of over 6 months (medical certificate required)
2. Compulsory school activity clashes with swimming lesson availability. Providing that the swim school is unable to offer you alternate lessons, a credit or refund will be issued.
3. Travelling overseas on short notice.
• In all cases, a credit will be issued except when a swimmer cannot reasonably be expected to attend lessons in the foreseeable future.
• Refunds will incur a $20 administration fee.


• Children under 3 years must be accompanied in the water at all times by an adult and be no further than an arm length away.
• Children under 5 years must be constantly supervised around the centre by an adult. Outside of lessons, ProSwim requires a responsible person to accompany children in the big pool and to constantly and closely supervise in the small pool
• Children aged 12 years and under must have an adult present at the centre.

Swim Nappies

• All children under the age of 3, regardless of whether they are toilet trained or not, are required to wear a swim nappy, if participating in classes or having a play swim.
• This applies to children over the age of 3 if they are not toilet trained.