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We have many types of Aqua Fitness programs, there’s something to suit everyone.

Aqua Fitness is a fantastic way to tone the body and burn the calories, without putting unwanted stress on the joints. By participating in Aqua Fitness, you’ll notice increased endurance and muscle strength, minus the aches and pains of land based training.
Some of the benefits of Aqua Fitness are: improved endurance and fitness, low impact exercise alleviating pressure on the joints, bones and muscles, increased muscle strength, posture and balance, greater mobility and increased flexibility.

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Aqua Active

Circuit Fusion

Circuit Fusion



A toning session for the whole body, that pays special attention to the core, abdominal, leg and shoulder muscles. A fantastic cardio-vascular workout.

Aqua Active

A mix of high and low impact exercises that can be tailored to all ages and ability levels. You’ll burn calories as well as building strength and endurance. Suitable for pregnancy

Acquapole Boxing

A high intensity class that will get you moving and burn those calories. Get ready to punch and kick it out in the water.

Acquapole Circuit Fusion

This class combines boxing, pole and strength all in one circuit style class. A class designed to work your whole body.

Aqua Strength

This class uses an exclusive range of resistance equipment, that will change the way you work your body. Aquastrength will help you improve flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic endurance.
Suitable for pregnancy

Aqua Mums

A moderate intensity class focusing on strength and core work. This class is designed for mums (along with their babies in arms), who are looking to increase their fitness and core strength.
Suitable for pregnancy.

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